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Just before Christmas I saw a tweet by Emily where she was seeking contributors for a new book she was putting together - “97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know”.

I really loved the idea of this book and had unbelievably never heard of the ‘97 things’ series before. I really wanted to contribute to something like this but the frustrating thing on this occasion was that as much as I liked the idea I didn’t feel I knew enough around ‘cloud engineering’ to contribute to her book.

After some thought I got in touch with Lisa who if you didn’t already know has been involved in writing some amazing books. I ran some ideas past her and got some great feedback and ideas from her. She created a great list of some people who I may want to reach out to and within a day or so Around the world with 80 software testers was born.

The first release of the book is available for free via leanpub. The book will contain well known people as well as new voices in the world of software testing who will share their thoughts and opinions. The book is fairly raw and doesn’t intend to have any natural flow. There isn’t any particular structure to the book other than each chapter is ordered alphabetically by country and then by title.

This book contains reflections and thoughts based on many people’s own personal experiences, some of which you may agree with, and others you may well not. There is no overarching narrative, this book is for you to absorb, link what you read together, evaluating it based upon your own meaning, knowledge and experience.

This book will continue to evolve. When new contributions are received they will be reviewed, added to the book and then a new version of this book will be published. This process will continue until the book contains 80 software testers from all around the world.

I’ve created a custom Google map where you can see who has agreed to contribute to this book.

Download the book

Thank you again to Lisa and everybody who has taken an interest and helped with the book.

Today the first version of the book has been released which contains five contributions from Nadia Soledad Cavalleri (Argentina), Alan Richardson (England), Lena Pejgan Wiberg (Sweden), Dorothy Graham (England), as well as myself (Wales), with more contributions being added to the book soon.

You can download the book from leanpub here.

Thank you for reading

Hopefully you will enjoy the book. Please keep checking back as the book will be updated regularly and also give feedback if you would like to. The suggested hashtag for this book is #80S0ftwareTesters.