Upcoming Events:

Due to the massive price on tickets for software conferences and with the nearest ones being as far as London, I’ve decided to attempt to run one myself here in Swansea. There are quite a few things which are a bit ‘iffy’ and could go wrong but I’m going to chance it…

“He who dares Rodney, he who dares” - Del Boy

  • I’ve never been to a conference
  • I have little money
  • I can’t find anybody else who will take a chance on this and help out
  • I’m unsure if people will come to speak or buy tickets to attend
  • I don’t know the running costs to put on something like this

_config.yml Image of SwanseaCon 2015 - 7th September 2015

So yeah, I’m up against it a bit but I’m going to give it a go. My aim is to try get speakers to come from all over the world to speak in little old Swansea. The venue is still to be confirmed and I will shortly be putting out a call for speakers to see if I can get anyone to come along and speak! I hope to reach out to local businesses to help sponsor the event as reach out in a local meetup I run - Swansea software Development Community.

Website: www.swanseacon.co.uk Twitter: @SwanseaCon