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Over the last four months, software testers from all over the world have been sharing their stories with us as part of the free “Around the world with 80 software testers” leanpub book that I have been working on. Already the book has gathered a lot of interest via social media and 572 people have already downloaded a copy. The book currently contains 30 contributions with more being added each week.

The contributions that people have made to Around The World With 80 Software Testers have been fantastic and has received great feedback with lots of likes, shares and comments as each new addition has been released. The ongoing success is down to the fantastic people that have taken the time and effort to commit their valuable experiences and you, the readers, for your ongoing and much appreciated efforts to publicise the book.

Join us for the first webinar this Tuesday!

There have been so many contributions that we have enjoyed. We wanted a way to discuss these and learn from the people responsible. With this in mind Graham and myself have decided to run a number of free online webinars where we will be “Talking the world with 80 testers”. Join us for each webinar as we chat to one of the contributors from the book to explore their experiences and their thinking behind their submission.

On Tuesday 21st April 7:00-7:45pm GMT we are going to run the first webinar in this series which we have titled “Talking the world with 80 testers”. The first webinar we will be remotely joining Lena Pejgan Wiberg in Sweden where we will chat more about her book contribution titled “From Dev to Tester” (currently page 105 in the book).

If you would like to hear from Lena and/or have any questions you’d like to ask her related to her contribution, then why not join us?

You can join us by visiting this link http://meet.jit.si/TalkingTheWorldWith80Testers on Tuesday from 7:00 pm.

Got the t-shirt but not got the book ;-) ?

If you haven’t already read the book, head over to leanpub and grab your free copy - “Around the World with 80 Software Testers

Read the book? Why not tweet us using the hashtag #80SoftwareTesters

Want to take part in the book? We would love to hear from you - especially new voices!