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As I mentioned in a previous post, my whole family and I, love to play Heardle. Whilst I try to listen to the daily Heardle, sometimes I forget and so miss the chance. The game currently also doesn’t have a way to revisit a previous Heardle.

Spoiler Alert: The following information explains how to use Heardle in a way that wasn’t intended by the games author(s).

This post isn’t being written to encourage cheating at the game. Instead, I wanted to share some ideas around exploring an application and showing how it could be manipulated to behave in a way that wasn’t quite how the developer(s) intended.


When software testing and exploring an application, there are many heurists you might wish to use. There are multiple definitions of using a Heuristic, here’s one from the Cambridge Dictionary:

“A method of learning or solving problems that allow people to discover things themselves and learn from their own experiences.” – Cambridge Dictionary

One thing we know about the Heardle.app is that a new song is released each day. What if we could alter the day and then go back and listen to a previous days Heardle?

By altering the date on my computer and then reloading the page, guess what happens. Why not try it yourself and see ;-) ?

heardle.app altering the date

Now we can revisit old Heardle’s we might have missed. Not only that, we can change the date to a future one. Now you can guess the next days Heardle before it’s meant to be available on the game.

In my previous post I showed how you could automatically guess a Heardle. Now we could automatically guess any previous or future Heardle.

Change date and automatically guessing the Heardle

Have fun and happy exploring!