Upcoming Events:

Recently I started to think of new topics that I’d like to talk about at various events. I love using Chrome Dev Tools both to develop and test and and don’t believe everyone knows the fantastic tools they have available, for free, at their finger tips…. and so the Testers Playground was born.

I originally planned to use this Testers Playground to demonstrate various tips and tricks for Dev Tools during a talk but have decided for now to use the playground for testers to challenge themselves and learn new skills. The Testers Playground contains various challenges not only to learn Dev Tools, but also to learn some OWASP basics. In the future I hope to be able to have lots of different challenges including Accessibility basics, watch this space!

I still plan to give a talk and maybe a video course on Dev Tools, I will also look to regularly continue to build upon the Testers Playground and keeping adding new challenges.

So far feedback has been fantastic with people tweeting to me and also emailing me which has been fantastic. If you have feedback or have ideas for new challenges I’d love to hear from you?! You can tweet me at @11vlr or email me directly hello@vivrichards.co.uk.

Try the Testers Playground Challenge!