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I’ve recently been involved in helping build a number of digital services at the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency). Each of the services that are built have to look consistent with the rest of GOV UK and so have to follow the Government Service Design Manual (Government Digital Services). I really enjoy using Pencil and thought I’d create some Stencils to enable people to quickly and easily create Government Digital Service prototypes for new services.

In order to make your prototype look consistent with GOV UK services you will need to use the Transport font. Download Transport font.

Screenshot of custom stencils:


Installing the App Stencils

In order to use the App Stencils you will need to install Pencil and also download the Mobile UI stencils by following the below steps:

  • download and install Pencil
  • download ‘GOV UK Stencils.zip’
  • download free Transport font
  • copy Transports fonts to C:\Windows\Fonts
  • open Pencil
  • within Pencil click on the ‘My Stuff’ tab
  • in the panel underneath the ‘My Stuff’ tab right click and select ‘Import new private collection..’
  • navigate to the ‘GOV UK Stencils.zip’ which you downloaded and click ‘Open’.
  • when prompted to install the unsigned collection, click Install


I hope you find these stencils of use.

Download Pencil

Download GOV UK stencils

Download Transport font